Little black ants exterminators

Oh When The Ants Go Marching in Sammamish

Armies of Little Black Ants are on the move in the City of Sammamish, WA.
It’s Summer in the northwest and Little Black Ants are active all year
round. An apartment complex owner in Sammamish was recently contacted about
little Black Ants infesting a few units. Last year there had been the same
ant problem in the one of the apartment bathrooms. Using do-it-yourself
products to try to kill the little Black Ants was not an option. This
method had been proven useless and didn’t get rid of the little pesky
pests. The owner of the the Sammamish apartment complex checked for name of
pest control company called the previous year. AMPM Exterminators was
contacted for some professional technicians to provide the appropriate
treatment to get rid of the little Black Ants.

Little Black Ant armies are marching:

Little Black ants are also known as Sugar Ants. The pests may be tiny But
that doesn’t stop the armies from infiltrating residences or commercial
businesses. The tiny pests had no problem accessing the apartment building
in Sammamish, WA. It’s important to know that little Black ants reproduce
rapidly and are constantly on the move. A favorite place to set up camp are
in the walls. Which is exactly what was happening in the apartment complex
buildings. The apartment manager alerted the owner of three units affected.
The tenants all had a similar infestation of Little Black Ants in the wall.
Keep in mind that the chances of there being several infestations in more
than one area is highly likely. The little ants can easily move the scent
highway to different locations. Little Black ants can travel upward into
trees that are near the property. Branches are ideal bridges to gain entry
into any holes, cracks or crevices. The Sammamish apartment complex owner
wasted no time and made an appointment with AMPM Exterminators to ambush
the little Black Ant armies.

Moisture is a little Black Ants magnet:

Moisture problems in apartments and other residences are Ant magnets. The
Sammamish, WA apartment complex is being attacked by little Black Ants. How
does this happen was the question. How to prevent further ant issues is
another good question. There are preventative measures to consider. One of
which would be to keep all of the gutters clean. Downspouts aimed away
from the buildings. Piles of dirt are ideal spots for the little Black Ants
and should be kept away from the foundation. Keep an eye out for standing
water around the perimeters. The AMPM Exterminators technician checked both
perimeter and interior for holes, cracks and crevices and moisture laden
areas. When an Ant bait is used it will be carried back to the ant colonies
to be shared to kill the colony.

Apartments infested with Little Black Ants:

The three apartments infested were all on same floor and lived next door to
one another. The black ants were seen marching between apartments. This
meant that there were several new scent trails being established. The AMPM
Exterminators technicians were armed with the effective products in order
to provide a successful extermination. More importantly the technician had
the expertise available to kill the Ants in the wall infestations and other
sites outside the building. AMPM Exterminators is a professional and
experienced company that will treat the structure for infestation and
recommend follow up visits for preventive treatments. Following the
prevention tips to stay ant free is imperative. AMPM Exterminators provided
further information regarding the importance of weekly, bi-monthly, monthly
or quarterly services to control and prevent further infestation.

AMPM Exterminators :

Professional pest control company with experienced exterminators for bed
bugs, little Black Sugar Ants, Carpenter and Moisture Ants. AMPM
Exterminators is a pest control service that provides friendly and
effective pest control. Services available in counties and cities. North,
South, East and West of Seattle. Such as Sammamish, Bellevue, Redmond,
Kirkland, Renton, Burien, Bothell, Issaquah and more. The Sammamish, WA
Apartment Complex owner was once again very grateful and satisfied with
another successful elimination of little black ants.. AMPM Exterminators
professional pest control technician was the excellent choice in getting
rid of and killing the little Black Ants . Properties were saved from
damages. Families and tenants were back to living stress free.

AMPM Exterminators provided answers to questions about service fees.
Important information for before and after treatments was provided and
clients understood the process. Because each residence or business is
different the pest control services and any needed repair costs may vary.
AMPM Exterminators has years of inspection experience and are thorough when
providing pest control services. Each client will receive customized
solutions for the pest control needed. AMPM Exterminators was the perfect
choice to get rid of the Little Black Ant Infestation. The Sammamish
apartment complex owner was very happy with AMPM Exterminators expertise in eliminating the little Black Ants infestations.

Seattle’s Downtown Commercial Businesses Attacked By Rats

Downtown Seattle’s Commercial Businesses are being overrun by rats.The
nasty pests are year round problems. Finding food, water and a place to
call home is imperative. There are plenty of construction sites in the
downtown area of Seattle. Perfect location for rats to make a home in.
Other businesses, such as restaurants, are highly susceptible to rat
infestations. Two businesses affected were a restaurant and a new building
construction site. A rat infestation demanded a pest control service
company’s expertise. Both businesses got referrals from business associates
to contact AMPM Exterminators. The managers both decided to go with this
pest control company. The business associates recommendation to utilize
AMPM AMPM Exterminators was a lifesaver. Getting rid of the rats using
experienced and professional technician was the ticket.

Rats create havoc:

Rats will create a very stressful environment. Employees and the public are
at high risk for disease and airborne bacteria. Last year there were
reports of rat airborne bacteria that was very serious. Both of the
business owners wasted no time in taking care getting rid of the rat
infestation. The restaurant and construction company owners understood the
dangers of contracting various diseases from rats. Like having contact with
the rat droppings, nesting areas, or food that has been contaminated. There
were television reports that airborne germs proved fatal in the Puget Sound
Area due to rats. Why take such a high risk in not using a professional
pest control eliminator. AMPM Exterminators was ready and able to provide
the rat elimination service necessary.

Commercial Businesses face damage and financial losses:

Rats can leave behind massive damage to the properties that are rat
infested. Financial loss is inevitable and costly. Attics and crawl spaces
are contaminated due to droppings and urine and a whole separate service
and cost. Nasty rats love to chew on electrical wires and wood. As horrible
as it sounds rats will eat contaminated food and animal feces. Rats will
destroy peace of mind and create a feeling of being unsafe for employees
and owners. Which can even result in absenteeism from work. No one wants to
work in those type of conditions. Making the potential for financial loss
in so many ways. Just imagine the inventory that would be lost due to
contamination. It definitely was time to bring in the big guns and AMPM
Exterminators was loaded for action.

Downtown Seattle Construction Sites Rat Infested:

Construction sites are a constant in Seattle. Take a look at downtown.
Warehouses such as food distributors are plentiful. It’s Summer time in
Seattle and the rat population is at work. It’s like rats are working
overtime searching for shelter, food and water. The rodents do love all of
the Seasons and are constantly on the move. The construction site and
restaurant business owners set up meetings to alert staff that AMPM
Exterminators technicians were on the way to to get rid of the huge rat
infestations. Hiring a professional pest control company experienced in rat
infestations was the priority. AMPM Exterminators was ready and able to
take care of the rat infestations. Both businesses needed to remain open
and operating on a daily basis. Neither wanted to face huge financial loss.
Time is money.

AMPM Exterminators Rat Infestation services:

It was a relief to both business owners to contact a Seattle area pest
control company like AMPM Exterminators. The technicians are experienced
and specialize in rodent extermination. The level of expertise provided by
the technicians was thorough and professional.The technicians spoke with
owners and business managers at both locations to discuss the findings and
how services would be applied. The first step was to check the perimeter of
the sites for entry points into the properties. Holes, cracks or crevices
found would be sealed to prevent any further entry points yo the rats. The
AMPM Exterminators professional explained there were mandatory steps to
follow for a successful infestation elimination. Advising the owners not to
skip a single step. If the instructions are not followed to a tee then it’s
back to square one. The AMPM Exterminators technician provided the
necessary steps to follow. Such as the necessity for daily hygiene. Keeping
and enforcing routines that included cleaning and disinfecting areas where
food is stored. For the construction site for new homes it was very
important to keep the area free of garbage. Remember that rodents can fit
through tiny holes the size quarters and will get into or around the
premises. A disturbing sight to see around restaurants are overflowing
garbage dumpsters. Definitely an invitation for rats to come on in.
Prevention services were retained for monthly services for both the
downtown Seattle restaurant and construction site for rat control. AMPM
Exterminators was successful again and the restaurant and construction site
owners were relieved that the job got done quickly and successfully. Giving
AMPM Exterminators very positive reviews for a job well done and to expect