Pest Control for little black Sugar ants by ant exterminator

Pest Control by Little black Sugar Ants exterminator

I’ve had it with the sugar ants this year. You know the one them little tiny black ants that magically appear out of nowhere. This is one household pest I’ve been fighting for years. Every now and them they come migrating into my house like they are going to attempt to take over the world. I actually was able to find the source of these nasty household pest yesterday and have taken corrective action in eliminating this household pest from my home.

These are the ants that seem to appear out of nowhere when you leave out a slurpee cup, or a few cake crumbs are scattered on the floor. Their fondness for sweets gives them their most common nickname. They will sometimes switch off of sweets if the colony needs more protein. Sometimes they only seem to be after water from your dishwasher.

Ant Prevention pest control services

The best way to prevent carpenter ant problems inside is to eliminate high moisture conditions that are attractive to them. replace any moisture-damaged wood be careful that wood or lumber that is stored in a garage of near the house is kept dry store firewood as far away from buildings as possible

1. Trim branches that overhang the home

2. Note: Be sure the tree or shrub species can be pruned at the time you wish; e.g., do not prune oak between April 15 and September 15 because of the risk of oak wilt.

3. Also, prune branches that touch electrical lines or other wires that are connected to the house; carpenter ants can travel from branches to lines and use them like highways to buildings. Ant exterminator  Detects ants The nest may be located by observations of worker ants, especially between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am. You can follow workers to their nest by setting out food that is attractive to carpenter ants. place food in areas where you find workers baiting carpenter ants is most effective when food is set outdoors during spring and summer Many foods are attractive to carpenter ants. in fall, try honey or another type of sweet food in spring, carpenter ants are attracted to protein sources, such as live insects if you cut an insect into pieces, it takes less patience to follow the ants, they move faster Pay attention to areas where steady moisture is or has been a problem. Firewood stored in an attached garage, next to the foundation, along an outside wall, or in a basement. Basement areas, around the plumbing or vent entrances. Trees with branches overhanging the house.

Sound detection may be helpful in locating a nest.

An active colony may make a dry, rustling sound that becomes louder if the colony is disturbed. This sound, thought to be a form of communication, is made with the mandibles (jaws) and is not related to wood chewing. When trying to detect carpenter ants, tap the suspected area and then press an ear to the surface in order to hear any sound. More than one nest may be present in a house. If one nest is found, watch for evidence of additional nests. Ant pest Control: Indoors Every effort should be made to:locate and destroy the nest,replace damaged or decayed wood eliminate any moisture problems. Carpenter ants have a wide range of feeding habits and baits currently on the market are not consistently attractive.

Be aware of the potential for more than one nest in a building, but only treat nests that you know exist. Do not treat areas of a building where additional nests are not found. If a carpenter ant treatment is done correctly, it is not necessary to make additional applications.

Ant pest Control: Outdoors Often carpenter ant nests found indoors are satellite nests that can be traced back to a parent colony outdoors in trees, stumps, fence posts and other wood structures. Remove wood that contains carpenter ant nests, or destroy the colony.

Why do ants invade your home or business?

Worker ants are in constant search for new food sources. Trees with sugary fruits, honeydew producing insects, wood dris around your property, Mulch, Dripping water from leaking faucets, plants close to the foundation. If you have ants nest close to your home or business , you likely to have frequent  ant invasions. Once inside ants are likely to continue to invade until food sources and taken away or entry points sealed off. Heat waves or rainstorms drive ants indoor for protection from heat, wet, or cold.

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