What is pest control at home?

How does pest control work?

pest elimination services removal expert pest control specialists who can tailor their pest control services based on your needs and the needs of your business, employees and customers. We will work with you to create an effective pest control solution for a variety of pests. We offer a number of pest control solutions for businesses.
There are thousands of different kinds of pests which are harmful to humans. The great majority of these are types of insect. The term pest is used to refer specifically to harmful animals but it also relates to all other harmful organisms, including fungi and viruses.

Pest Damaging organism: an organism that is damaging to livestock, crops, humans, land fertility and buildings

pests find their way into homes because of poor craftsmanship in construction, neglect, or normal deterioration. Recognizing the signs of pests and then implementing a pest management and treatment program will ensure that your home continues to be free from the likes of termites, ants, mice, roaches and other damaging pests.

Pest annoy person or thing: somebody or something that is a nuisance

Insects pests that can create nuisance conditions and affect the health of families and individuals.Insects such as cockroaches, flies, moths and ticks are also disease and bacteria transmitters or nuisance pests that cause damage to food and fabric clothing materials in the household.pests have the potential for creating public health nuisances; mosquitoes, nits or head lice, scabies, dust mites,bed bugs,fleas,ticks,whitefly, vinegar fly, and fungus gnats

Pest diseases: an epidemic of infectious or contagious disease

Pests of homes and structures pests of homes, structures, people and pets Pests that sting, bite, or injure Wood-destroying, food, fabric, and nuisance pests Verbebrate pests birds, mammals, and reptiles

Pest Control technicians are dedicated pest professionals supported by the most modern equipment and materials available in the industry, and by our own exacting standards and procedures. Additionally they are certified for professionalism by the National Pest Management Associations QualityPro program. Our pest control technicians are:

Skilled observers who can readily identify existing and potential problems

The purpose of a home inspection is to provide the consumer with comprehensive information to help them make a confident and informed decision when buying a home. As we complete your home inspection we have two main goals. Our first goal is to inform you about the status of the structure and systems of the home. The second goal is to explain the unique future maintenance needs of the home. For most of us a house purchase is the largest monetary investment we will ever make. Our job is to give clients as much information as possible about this investment.



Preventing termites from destroying your home involves being prepared before it happens and knowing the signs of when it does. As soon as spring weather arrives throughout the United States, termites, carpenter ants and an army of other household pests are swarming around houses, foundations and woodpiles, preparing themselves for their annual munch fest.

Each year pest experts estimate roughly 50 billion termites are gearing up to attack homes, and yours may be in their sights. Such unwanted pests cost homeowners approximately $2 billion per year, so there are big savings to be had by keeping termites and other insects away in the first place.

Termites typically enter your home in areas that are difficult to spot, like inside dark crawlspaces or basements. Other telltale signs of termite infestation include soft wood in the home, mud tubes around the interior or exterior of your home often near the foundation, and darkening or blistering of wood structures.

But by the time you notice the signs of an termite infestation, the damage has most likely already been done. To avoid a surprise attack, have your home inspected for termite damage. An annual, professional wood destroying insect inspection only costs about a hundred bucks, good for the whole year and the best way of preventing termites from invading your home.

Termites are not the only wood destroyers that can wreak havoc in your home. Powder post beetles are found in every state in the continental U.S. and can be as destructive as termites. Powder post beetle larvae usually enter the home through infested wood, before any sign of infestation is noticed. The larvae then mature and bore their way out of the wood, leaving behind a small hole and fine sawdust, hence the name.

Powder post beetles can be found in hardwood floors, furniture and cabinets. Un-infested wood that is already finished (sanded, stained and varnished) will not become infested because adult beetles can’t get into the wood to lay their eggs. Once powder post beetles have infested wood, fumigation by a qualified pest professional is really the only way to go. Unfortunately, it does not rule out future infestation.

The best thing you can do to prevent a powder post beetle invasion is to inspect any wood before you purchase it, or ask your contractor to do the same. Moisture is a big factor in infestation, so make sure the wood is properly kiln or air dried. Also make sure the wood is sealed or use treated wood, and don’t store wood furniture outside, in a shed or a garage

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