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To getting rid of mice or rats problem is figuring out which rodent you’re dealing with , how big your problem is. Before you take any steps to control a rodent problem, be sure to inspect your home or commercial business building, inside and out. Conducting a thorough inspection will be critical for helping you decide which method of control is right for you.
Rodent droppings are a sure sign that rats or mice are present, and will indicate the type of rodent, the size of the infestation, and where they are most active. Mouse droppings are small, less than one quarter inch, and pointed on both ends. Rat droppings are half an inch or larger. Norway Rat droppings are blunt at both ends, while Roof Rat droppings are have pointed ends. New droppings are shiny and putty-like in texture, while old ones are hard and crumbly. Varying feces sizes indicate that juveniles and adults are present, and lots of droppings may be an indication of a large infestation. The location of the droppings indicates active areas where you should place bait or traps.

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Rodent infestations can become huge headaches for homeowners, so it is best to prevent them as early as possible. If you do notice mouse or rat activity in your home, be sure to contact your local pest or rodent removal company before they cause significant damage to your home. Both rats and mice can gnaw on various structures and wires in your home, which can lead to fire hazards. Mice have weaker teeth than rats, which means that any food source that is properly stored in glass or metal can prevent the mice from contaminating it, but that may not be the case with rats. Rats are much stronger than mice and have been known to gnaw through various building materials.

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A mouse infestation is not something to be taken lightly since mice and rodents carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. If left uncontrolled, they will also chew throughout your home, further endangering your families health. After mice enter your home, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of since they often live in hidden areas within garages, attics, lofts, and wall interiors which is why store bought solutions often fall short If a homeowner has a sufficient amount of time to look at the rodent, they may be able to identify it correctly. However, when you’re in your kitchen and see something scurry across your floor your fear and shock may overtake your ability to say “oh that was a mouse” or “oh that was a rat.” Then you’re left wondering, “was that a mouse or rat?”

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The typical House Mouse is anywhere from two to four inches in length, as opposed to the common, and much larger, Norway Rat which measures seven to nine inches in length. Of course, it may be easy to distinguish between the two if both are at adult size, but a juvenile Norway Rat that has not reached full size can look similar to an adult House Mouse. The best way to tell if you are being charged too much or too little is to do your research. Local pest control companies will have pricing that greatly varies based on their specific business and tools. To find a pest control company whose pricing meets your needs, you must first determine what is most important to you

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Exterminators Cost of Mice or Rat Control Removal- Estimates and Prices Paid usually visits from the pest control company are typical for mice or rat removal and control. The first visit usually includes a thorough inspection, determining which rodent species are present, setting traps/bait stations and sealing potential entry points. On subsequent visits the technician should remove trapped rodents and reset the traps if necessary, and check to be sure the repairs to seal all entry points have been successful. On the final visit the technician will remove the traps