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Having your commercial building clean and tidy is one of the biggest things you have to be concerned about. You have to make sure that the site that is your income generator should be following all the rules and regulations. Especially when you have a restaurant or a hotel, you have to see that your customers have a sterile environment to eat and live in. Whether you have rodents, cockroaches, termites, ants, wasps,
Commercial Extermination solutions for every pest that dares to invade Commercial business buildings Exterminators custom fit every commercial pest management solution to your specific business needs in order to keep your facility pest-free.
Industry, business and individual environment Commercial Pest control is a crucial aspect of managing any warehouse facility. Pests are particularly attracted to quiet, secluded structures, which means they’re frequently drawn to warehouses. Once inside, pest problems can make a mess, hurt your reputation, and even ruin entire inventories, substantially affecting your bottom line. The best way to prevent pests from hurting your business is by having a control plan in place for them at all times.

Reasons for ant infestation in king county Washington areas

Ants typically invade homes and commercial business buildings for one reason: food. Most feed on sugary or greasy items.

Little black Sugar ants  also called odorous house ants  are one of the most common ant invaders and among the first pests to show up in the spring. Household ants about one-eighth of an inch or smaller and are attracted to food sources.

The common pavement ant, which is brown to black and about 1/10th of an inch long, will set up colonies near driveways or patios and then send out scouts to search for food in your home. They eat meat, grease, seeds, dead or live insects, and can sting and bite if disturbed.

Carpenter ants, which are black and up to half an inch long, look for protein rather than sugar, and will eat through wood to find nesting locations. Small piles of wood shavings called “frass” found under windows or door frames are signs of carpenter ants.

Moisture ants are larger  about 4 to 4.5 mm long  and are usually an indication of excessive water somewhere. Either can be a problem in bathrooms.

Knowing the type of ant when dealing with ants can help you prevent or combat an infestation.

Keeping ants out of homes and commercial business buildings

The first step to prevent an ant infestation: clean house. Seeing scout ants inside the house, means the main nests are near by . Make sure there is no food out and keep all kitchen surfaces clean. killing the scouts ants will serve no purpose because the nest is going to send out more scouts. Ant control professionals have bait that the scouts will take back to the nest. make sure you’ve closed off possible entry points, including sealing small cracks in your walls or under windows. Start by caulking potential entry points, such as window casings. Lay down barriers like salt or talc under doors to turn ants away, or apply scents such as vinegar, peppermint oil or cinnamon. Bear in mind, however, that anything put down will also be of interest to pets and children, so be careful what to use.

DIY methods for ant removal

If ant explorers have morphed into a full-on colony, then  a plan is needed. Start with soap and water. This will not only kill chemical trails, but any ants it touches. Add citrus to the water to increase its effectiveness. Purchase pest sprays and baited ant traps from local grocery and hardware stores. These use a mixture of sugars and ant poison, such as boric acid to attract, trap and kill ants. Proceed with caution when using poison. Keep in mind, that these traps won’t work on protein-feeders like carpenter ants, since the sweetness won’t interest them. Trapping ants inside requires bait, Spray around the exterior of the home where the house meets the pavement or ground to prevent more ants from infiltrating, says Gordon Stanley of Ampm Exterminators  in Kirkland, Washington.

Barbara recommends spraying problem areas with a mixture of Windex, vinegar and water. She says spreading Diatomaceous Earth in carpeted areas around the bathroom is a safe and natural way to kill ants because it’s a food source.

“The Windex or vinegar is really a quick fix and not really that effective, but it will remove the immediate ants and wipe away their pheromone scent they use to follow trails,” Barbara says.

Gordon Stanley, owner of Ampm exterminators in seattle, suggests spraying all cracks around the foundation and the pavements around the house.

Hire a pest control professional

Large-scale infestations require assistance from ants control service

Pros address ant problems by locating the colony itself; typically this starts by laying bait traps, which contain poisoned food taken back to the nest. Once found, exterminators can use a variety of techniques including chemical sprays to totally eliminate the ants in homes.

In the case of carpenter ants also known as big black ants, early detection is critical. Left unchecked, Carpenter ants can cause significant damage to homes and commercial business buildings. A pest control professional may need to drill small holes in walls to make sure the entire colony has been eliminated, and will often book a follow-up visit to make sure problems don’t recur.

Costs of ant removal

The cost to remove ants by property owners can be quite low. The price of a liquid ant killer or an ant trap runs between $15 and $30.

DIY treatments may be able to divert ants which have not established a colony, or deal with the scouts sent out to gather food. However, they aren’t as effective at long-term removal or in addressing large-scale infestations.

Professional exterminators can charge between $400 and $1,000 to completely eliminate ants. 

“A professional pest control company can apply what’s called a transfer insecticide, which is the most effective method for eliminating a sugar ant colony,” Stanley says. “Transfer insecticides are not available to the general public, but are very effective at getting rid of colonies inside a structure. Every ant that makes contact with it spreads it on to any other ant it makes contact with.” a reliable, professional exterminator can make sure ants don’t find their way back inside.

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He further added that their pest management programs are customized to address the needs of each individual commercial and residential premises. They use cutting-edge pest control technologies to design programs that ensure that their client’s facilities remain pest-free in a sustainable way.

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