Do pest control companies get rid of sugar house ants

A nest of ants may not look like a big problem, of invaders build unsightly mounds, damage plants and destroy expensive landscaping. Commercial kitchens naturally attract ants, but restaurant floors are targets too. Different species present different problems, from carpenter ants that feed on wood to pavement ants that burrow against building foundations. Their tiny size makes it impossible to keep them out, and their sheer number makes them hard to control without the aid of a ant exterminator professional.

Think ants are a nuisance only in warmer weather. Well the truth is that ants are pesky all year round. A Seattle homeowner noticed a huge colony of ants near the walls. The armies of ants were identified as being tiny small Black Ants. The homeowner knew it due to the fact that in the past there had been ants in the bathroom wall. Like most people a do-it-yourself product was used to try to get rid of the ants in the wall. But this was an unsuccessful attempt.

Therefore the decision was made to call a professional Pest Control Exterminator. Are Do It Yourself Methods really effective to get rid of Black ants:

The little Black ants also known as Sugar Ants are not always readily seen. The pests can and will find different ways to enter the house. The ants favorite places to live are in the walls. It’s very common to try over the counter products such as insecticides and perimeter sprays. But it’s likely this may not take care of the problem. There is a big chance that infestations may be in more than one area. Keep in mind that do it yourself products aren’t full proof.

It’s highly likely that by the next day the ants will have moved the scent highway to a different location. Black ants can travel up trees next to the house. Perfect way to enter into the house through holes, cracks and crevices. A Branch will be used to cross over to the house. Stressed out, the homeowner checked inside and outside. Voila, ant armies galore were seen. The owner has had enough and calls AMPM Exterminators.

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