Little Black Ants Extermination Services

A spray insecticide may give the satisfaction of seeing ants drop dead on the counters, but it’s not the best choice for dealing with sugar ants. Ants Extermination new pest control transfer pesticide combine a preferred ant food with an active ingredient that kills the ant after it brings a meal back to the colony to share. The result – the ants you don’t see will die as well.

There are ways to prevent Sugar Ants from Invading the Home:

Old homes seem to attract sugar ants the most because of having have more cracks to sneak through and can just as easily find a way into newer homes too. Keeping the home clean is not enough for keeping these tiny insects away.

A must is to seal up the foundation and any cracks around the windows and doors. Another thing to do is to replace decaying wood frames and shingles. If the roof is old and damaged, it is best to replace that too.Spraying the foundation with a natural pesticide helps prevent the ants from even thinking about invading the home. If sugar ants are found outside the home, destroy it right away to prevent future visitors. The best option would be to call your pest control services experts and that is AMPM Exterminators. The treatment provided will be tailor made for the little armies of black ants. There can be multiple little sugar ant
soldiers marching around the property.

Some of the Ways to keep Sugar Ants out of Food Products:

Place opened boxed and bagged goods such as cereals, cookies, fruit snacks and chips into sealed containers or bags.
Store flours and sugars in airtight baking storage containers.
Store honeys, syrups and molasses product in the refrigerator and just gently warm the product up when needed.
Never leave sticky sugary snacks open on the counter because this will attract the ants to other food products in the home.
Store breads and baked goods in the refrigerator or bread boxes that seal up.

Wash dishes immediately. Do not allow to sit around unwashed.
Never dump sugary foods down the garbage shoot in the sink because it will leave a sticky residue and attract ants.
Taking out the trash as soon as it’s full or right before bedtime can go a long way to prevent ants from crawling into the kitchen.
Never leave sticky foods outside near entry ways that lead into the kitchen.
Keep open sodas, juices, coffees and teas in the refrigerator.
Wiping down kitchen surfaces such as the microwave, stove, refrigerator, counter tops, tables, chairs and floors can keep sticky sweetness away,which helps keep the ants away.

What the little black ants look like:

Pavement Ants  are medium-sized(1/8 inch long). The pests vary in color from light brown to black with lighter legs and antennae. The head and thorax have longitudinal, parallel grooves and move slowly.

Where the pavement Sugar ants nest:

Pavement Ants got the name because of it’s habit of nesting under pavement slabs, such as sidewalks, driveways, and foundations. The ants usually nest outdoors in open soil or under stones or slabs. Outdoor nests are recognizable by the “dirt craters” the ants leave around the nest entrances. The ants will sometimes also nest indoors in walls or under floors. Often move indoors in the winter and nest near heating sources, such as radiators.

What Pavement Sugar Ants eat:

Pavement Ants feed on both sweet and protein foods. Also on sugary liquids like honeydew from plant-sucking insects such as aphids, scales, and mealybugs. The pests also feed on live and dead insects and plants.

Steps to prevent little black sugar ants invasion

Pavement Ants are easily controlled with baits. AMPM Exterminators will protect the home from pavement ant infestations by sealing cracks and crevices where ants could enter. Advising customers to repair water leaks.Also some extra advice for customers would be no over watering of plants,make sure to cleanup food spills, store food in tightly-sealed containers, and do not leave pet food out.

Natural ways of killing and  getting rid of sugars ants in homes and commercial business buildings

Killing sugar ants is fairly easy, and the surest way is to set out ant baits. There are several types to choose from, so it is a matter of making an educated decision. Sweet baits are the most common used method of killing sugar ants. Most all of these baits will contain boric acid, also known as Borax. Borax is usually non-toxic to humans, but ingestion isn’t recommended. If you have children or pets this style of eradication isn’t recommended. This mineral is poisonous to ants, and has the ability to kill a whole colony. The trap works by luring ants to partake in the sweet boric acid, from there the ants will then take a portion of it back to their dwelling. After the other ants consume the bait very soon the whole colony will be exterminated.

There are natural ways to control and kill sugar ants that are safe for children and pets to be around. One way is using white vinegar to clean surfaces instead of the bleach cleaner. The strong odor of vinegar isn’t pleasant, but will detract the ants from frequenting the counters. The acetic acid in the vinegar works as a cleaning agent, and will be just as effective as the bleach solution. Another natural method to repel the insects is whole cloves. The pungent scent of cloves seems to drive away ants, as it confuses their senses. Placing this spice along baseboards and under windows is a great way to deter the ants from entering the home or building. Bay leaves are a natural deterrent for these insects, and should be used exactly like the aforementioned cloves. Looking for a natural way to kill ants use boiling water by Locating the ant colony by following the ant trail, then pour boiling water into it. This will end the ants disturbing presence in your home.

It’s time to call AMPM Exterminators for a professional technician to shut the invasion down. The technician will scout the areas indoors and outdoors to determine the magnitude of infestation of the little black sugar ants. Also known as Pavement Ants. Years of professional experience is just what is needed to make war with the infestation.