Rat Exterminator

The most common question the rat exterminator gets from a potential pest control customer is how to get rid of rats. The answer is yes, an Exterminators can. There are many ways to take preventative measures so as not to get a Rat infestation. Keeping homes and Businesses kept tidy and clean is crucial. Do not leave food waste on the floor, counters, stove and open garbage cans. Winter is here and Rats and Mice are looking for shelter to avoid the cold weather. Rodents need water so be on the lookout for leaks or standing water in or outside of the residence. It’s a fact that rats can gain access through holes the size of a dime.

Why bother with a Rat Exterminators.

Putting off the telltale signs of a possible Rat infestation could prove costly for home and business owners. The magnitude of a Rat problem will rear its ugly head for sure. Wondering why rat snap traps won’t suffice. Well over the counter traps aren’t always effective. Exterminators in Seattle area are experienced in exterminating Rat infestations and knowledgeable in the proper products and traps to use.


What does a Seattle Greater Area exterminator do for rat infestations?

First thing would be a professional asking questions to determine the magnitude of the situation. The technician will get important information to best serve the customer’s needs. A few examples of questions are:

What is the square footage of the residence or business?

How many floors are there?

Is there foliage near the buildings?

Pest Control Extermination should inform the owners of prevention measures Once job is completed. For follow up visits and recurring services such as monthly.

What are pest control prevention measures?

A very important step of eliminating a Rat infestation is to follow measures to prevent another rat infestation. Be very aware of conditions that attract the rats. A simple step to follow is to check the home or business for rat feces, urine stains and even dead carcasses. Odors will definitely be a huge clue. Once the job is completed the technician should give a list to customer of things to work on as preventative measures.

Rats extermination in an attic

Always search for a pest control Exterminator that is licensed and bonded in every city in Washington. Residences and businesses owners in Seattle, Kent, Renton or Bellevue all chose to go with a Rat Exterminator to take care of the Rat infestations.

Commercial Business Owner needs Rat Mice Exterminator

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Downtown Seattle’s Commercial Businesses and construction sites are being infested with Rats. Winter 2021 has arrived. A Commercial business owner is in dire need of a Rat Exterminator professional. Rats are constantly looking for shelter, water and food. This business site infestation is at a construction site in downtown Seattle. Why does this happen. Just think about what work crews leave behind on a daily basis. Things Like food garbage and leftover drinks. Physical surrounding inspections can and will determine reasons for rodent infestation. Nearby restaurants are highly susceptible to rat infestations and share the goods so to speak. So, two businesses were found to be affected with Rat infestation. Both owners and management agreed this could grow into something epic and agreed to notify a pest control service company.

Does a rat infestation really need pest control?

Absolutely because the nasty pests carry disease and airborne bacteria. Both owners understood the dangers of contracting various diseases through contact with the rat droppings, nesting areas, or food that has been contaminated. A professional rat Exterminator has the knowledge and expertise to take care of this Rat problem. Why take such a high risk in not using a professional pest control. Bottom line is to get rid of the rat infestation.

Why spend all this money for Rat Extermination:

Rats will cause massive damage to the properties that are rat infested. Financial loss is inevitable and costly in the long run. and Crawl spaces and attics can be contaminated due to droppings and urine and a whole separate service and cost. The nasty rats love to gnaw on electrical wires and wood. Rats have a feast eating garbage waste and even animal feces. The potential for financial loss in so many ways is inevitable. Such as the loss of inventory due to contamination. Or because workers are uncomfortable and stressed due to rats may cause in grease in sick days. Causing a shortage of staff to keep the businesses running. There are more reasons why rat infestations need professional Rat Exterminators and worth every penny.