Moles Lawn Yard Damage in Seattle Eastside king county.

The eastern, Star nosed and hairy tailed moles diets are very similar. Moles eat a variety of insects likes Earth worms, Spiders, Beetles. Moles prefer loose, moist soil, are active year round, and spend most of their time underground, which makes complete elimination a difficult task.
Moles carnivores that feast on earthworms, grubs, and other dangerous insect invaders, moles are generally beneficial, though their tunneling activities may become problematic. Their tunnels cause damage to lawns, gardens, golf courses, and pastures. Though more an irritation than fiscally taxing, mole activity can turn grasses unsightly shades of brown and even prevent planted vegetation from becoming securely rooted into place. Moles may bite when handled by humans.
From trapping to baiting, each method of mole control is best suited to particular sets of circumstances. For example, traps and baits can be effective but depend on placement.

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